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     Romancing the Woods is a custom builder of outdoor rustic furniture and woodland garden structures. We build using locally harvested eastern red cedar trees and branches that we selectively cut from the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain Regions of New York State. Romancing the Woods selectively cut specific for every project, giving you a living structure of beauty, durability and longevity. You can browse our website and choose from the photo galleries within or we can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind structure for your home, park, garden, or commercial landscape. We have extensive experience with building and designing various rustic structures and throughout the country Romancing the Woods is a name becoming well known to landscape architects, landscape designers, garden nurseries, shelter and garden publications as well as enlightened consumers interested in enhancing their environment with natural structures. If you would like more information, a free consultation, or a free catalog please check in with us on our contact page. If you would like to keep up to date with the inner workings of Romancing the Woods be sure to visit our blog and photo updates page. To receive notifications about new posts, like us on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for stopping by. Romancing the Woods has been building quality rustic structures and rustic furniture since 1992.
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About the Artist
     Rob Davis is the owner and the creative force behind Romancing the Woods. His responsibilities include the marketing, sales, design, shop management, website design and programming, social media, as well as construction and overall quality control of all of Romancing the Woods' products. Rob is a student of the arts and attended University of Hartford for three years studying Illustration, Painting, and Sculpture. He completed his degree at Alfred University, concentrating on Wood Sculpture, and received his BFA in Fine Arts in 1998. During and after college he worked in several fields of construction including commercial and residential playground construction and installation, as well as home renovation. In 1999 Rob met with the founder of Romancing the Woods, Marvin Davis (no relation), and was quickly hired to become part of a small crew of artisans to build within Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. The project lasted for several months and consisted of the on-site construction of several large shade structures for the Lion King Theater. Within a couple of years Rob became foreman of Romancing the Woods and was able to streamline the company from nine employees to three, offering the same output with better quality results. At that time his responsibilities were increased from simply building the structures to designing and ensuring customer satisfaction. In 2006 he purchased Romancing the Woods and began rebranding the company in his own image. Rob Davis lives in Hurley, NY with his fiancÚ and two young sons, the eldest already passionate about building and creating structures of his own.
Environmental Statement
     Romancing the Woods was founded with nature in mind. We build using locally harvested eastern red cedar trees and branches cut from the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain regions of New York state. We selectively cut our materials specific for every project and utilize the majority of the tree, from its trunk to its smallest branches. The land we gather from is dense to the point of suffocation, so our cutting benefits the surrounding forest. The trees we choose are far below the forest canopy getting very little sunlight and are doomed to slow growth and a short lifespan. We rarely use trees larger than 6 inches in diameter and we only cut what we can use. We find that the small brush piles left behind offer shelter and protection for small woodland critters, as well as a place to escape the harsh winters. The surrounding trees are now free to grow wider and healthier. The ground below gets more sunlight giving way to smaller plants and bushes that produce food for the local herbivores.
     After returning to our workshop location in Saugerties, NY we work the material unprocessed, with the bark left intact. We utilize a variety of hand tools and we do not mass produce, so little energy is used in creating our structures. All other hardware and materials are purchased locally benefiting our community, and in the very end we are left with very little waste. Our excess cutoffs are given away to local builders and residents for small projects or firewood, and our shavings used for animal bedding.
     Outside the workshop we aspire to be a paperless company. With a preference to relay information via the internet we have cut down enormously on paper waste. Contracts, estimates and invoices are sent via email and downloadable brochures will soon be available. We are constantly updating our web gallery, which now has over 360 images giving us the ability to showcase our large selection of products to people throughout the world without having to print thousands of brochures. Standard plastic, paper, and glass waste recycling is also practiced at both the shop and the office locations.
     Romancing the Woods is a proud member of Catskill WoodNet. Catskill WoodNet is a regional network of businesses that harvest and manufacture wood products from New York's Catskill Mountain Region. Through improved land stewardship in the New York City Watershed, their goal is to encourage a working landscape that connects people with local forest resources. Members label their products with the Pure Catskills trademark to illustrate a commitment to using watershed friendly practices, buying local and supporting a centuries old tradition of craftsmanship and care for the land in the Catskills. Pure Catskills is a trademark of the Watershed Agricultural Council. In 2003 the Watershed Agricultural Council, a division of the USDA Forest Services / Watershed Forestry Program, awarded Romancing the Woods with a grant through the funding program available to craftspeople in the Delaware, Greene and Ulster Counties of New York State. In 2004 the company received additional funding from the Watershed Council. It is unusual for the council to grant a second award to the same recipient for two consecutive years, a show of confidence in the quality and uniqueness of the company, its brand name and its products.
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