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      Our rustic arbors, pergolas, trellises and chuppahs are built to your specifications using locally harvested eastern red cedar trees and branches that we selectively cut from the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain Regions of New York State. Choose a design, determine your size, then contact us for a free estimate. We will gladly work with you to create the perfect addition to your home, park, or garden with your specific requirements in mind. Our structures are extremely durable and weather well allowing for many years of enjoyment. If you're simply looking for a nice entrance way to your garden or need something to grow and hang your vines on, there is no better choice than a Romancing the Woods structure. Our structural joints are fastened using countersunk galvanized lag bolts, which are concealed with bark-on cedar plugs and the decorative elements are fastened using ceramic coated screws. We take great care to make sure that no hardware is visible in our construction. Be sure to check out our rustic gates and fencing as well. Click here for pricing and design options.


Click any image below to enlarge it for more information.

A Hudson Arbor
B Mercer Rose Pergola Mercer Rose Pergola
C Paynter Arbor
D Mink Hollow Pergola Chui Arbor Chui Garden Pergola
E Amato Pergola Concord Pergola
F Rockefeller Twig Pergola
G Lucy's Arbor & Fencing Plunkett Arbor & Fencing
H Lake Hill Pergola
I Rockefeller Center Sunburst Arbor Rockefeller Center Arbors 1 & 2
J Diamond Arbor Pinehurst Pergola Sunburst Arbor Hudson Arbor
K Holzberg Pergola Taylor Enrance Structure
L Hudson Arbor Falling Waters Pergola North Falling Waters Pergola South
M Glasco Arbor & Fencing Liberman Pergola Liberman Pergola
N Riano Pergola Snyder Pergola Carmel Arbor & Fencing Tuxedo Arbor
O Sunburst Pergola Woodstock Arbor Locust Wedding Arbor Putnam Trellis
P Onteora Pergola Hampton Pergola Pool House Awning

The following prices represent our most popular sizes and the majority of our patterns.
Please contact us for a full price quote including delivery and/or installation, or a quote on a custom order.

Eastern Red Cedar Arbors
(4' wide x 3' deep)
flat roof  -  $1,700.
arched roof  -  $2,000.
peaked roof  -  $2,300.

(6' wide x 3' deep)
flat roof  -  $1,900.
arched roof  -  $2,200.
peaked roof  -  $2,500.

(6' wide x 4' deep)
flat roof  -  $2,100.
arched roof  -  $2,400.
peaked roof  -  $2,700.

Eastern Red Cedar Chuppahs
(6' square)
simple design  -  $1,200.
decorative design  -  $1,400.

(7' square)
simple design  -  $1,400.
decorative design  -  $1,600.

Arbor Gates
approximately $90 per linear foot
cost includes hardware

Eastern Red Cedar Trellises
(4' wide x 6' tall)
cedar  -  $900.
cedar & mountain laurel  -  $1,100.

(4' wide x 7' tall)
cedar  -  $1,000.
cedar & mountain laurel  -  $1,200.

(5' wide x 7' tall)
cedar  -  $1,200.
cedar & mountain laurel  -  $1,400.

Eastern Red Cedar Pergolas
Pergola prices are determined by size, design elements, installation address and site conditions. Contact us for a complete price quote.

The prices above are for reference only and are subject to change. Some options may include an additional cost.

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